Working with Walker

The Butterfly Heart is the first one of the books I have written that is being published, and I feel extremely privileged to have ended up with Walker Books.

My own children grew up on Walker books – at no stage in our lives has there been a bookshelf without their titles on it. When I started thinking of writing for children I could not, in my wildest dreams, have imagined that one day I would be published by them. Yet here I am, clutching my book, and there’s that little bear down at the bottom of the spine, holding his candle.

Before being published I had heard and read horror stories of working with editors and designers, demons who would change your words and let you have no say in the cover design … If there are any demons at Walker Books I didn’t find them. The editing process was painless and I could mutter away to my hearts content about the design of the cover and the designer listened. I had precious little to mutter about mind you as I loved her design.

So, a big thank you to the Walker crew for making this experience so good.

2 responses to “Working with Walker

  1. Paula, This is wonderful; no wonder you write beautifully, you have invested yourself in it. Wii visit again when I have some time. Cheers!


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