Music and Mango

Instead of writing about writing today I thought I’d take the opportunity to make a shameless pitch for my brother’s band – Mango Groove .  It would be true to say (outside of my own highly prejudiced opinion) that they are an iconic South African band. Their first album was released in 1989 in a time of turmoil and repression and in 2010 they released Bang the Drum, an album that literally bangs the drum of hope and jubilation for a country and a people who have survived against all the odds.

Anyway rather than me waxing lyrical about the band and their music, I will post a video of one of their songs. It is called Special Star, which they sang (among others) at the inauguration of Nelson Mandela – a star like no other.

And while I’m at it maybe I’ll just post another of their songs. If not, why not? This one is called Hometalk.

Let me know what you think?

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