Libraries (again!)

Yesterday, on Africa Day, I went up to Tallaght Library and spoke to 5th and 6th Classes from Scoil Maelruain from Old Bawn. There were fifty students in the group and they asked all sorts of interesting questions. I was delighted to meet pupils from Tallaght,  Algeria and  Zimbabwe among others.  Thanks to their teachers and the library for the invitation and for the enthusiasm they showed during the session.

Which gets me onto the library. It was a pleasure to visit. A beautiful, airy and bright building. In one corner was a very active Parents and Toddlers group, in another a beautiful exhibition of West African fabrics and clothes, upstairs people were using the computers (over 100 public access computers in the library) and students were studying for their exams. The staff at the desk were busy checking books in and out and helping people find what they came looking for. Some people were just sitting quietly and reading. That evening, as part of Africa Day celebrations, a film was being shown. It was an absolute hive of activity. Emma MacDonald who showed me round (and who had issued the invitation) was quite obviously and rightly proud of the Tallaght Library.

Anyone reading this who lives in that area and hasn’t visited the library should head along there. You are in for a treat. It is a library, community centre, school resource, centre of learning and place of rest all bundled into one.

Let me know what you think?

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