St. Johns School, Kilkenny

Over the next six weeks St. John’s school in Ballybough Street will be taking part in a book project. The Fifth and Sixth classes will be reading my own book, The Butterfly Heart and the third and fourth will be reading Michael Morpurgo’s book The Butterfly Lion. I feel honoured that my own book is one of those chosen.

My own daughters attended St. John’s and it was then, and is now, an inspiring school. The tenor of the school is set by Padraig O’Neill the Principal. As a member of his staff said to me, ‘he’s an absolute gentleman.’ For me the emphasis would be on the ‘gentle’ part of that word – quiet, kind, unassuming and highly respected.

With him he has a team of dedicated teachers, and this book project is an example of that. All sorts of activities are planned over the next six weeks around the themes and location of both books. It is no accident that both books are set in Africa, and I am pleased to be able to bring to the school just a little bit of my own knowledge of parts of this great continent.

I will post photos as things happen, and wish the teachers and pupils everything of the best in this project,

Pupils from St. Johns Senior School who took part in the Intercultural day to celebrate the 21 nationalities.  (Photo: Eoin Hennessy/

Here is a picture of some of the pupils of St. John’s celebrating Intercultural day – there are pupils at the school from 21 different countries round the world.

2 responses to “St. Johns School, Kilkenny

  1. Awesome! I’ve become a big fan of Michael M. since I saw him in Kinsale last year and read a couple of his books. I’m already a big fan of yours. Can’t wait for your next book, Paula! xo

  2. Thanks Colleen – you’re a very conscientious blog follower! Appreciate it. Next book looks like it will be out in 2013 only …

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