The Butterfly Heart now available as an eBook

Today Walker Books let me know that The Butterfly Heart is now available as an eBook – either for Kindle, Kobo, iPad or through Waterstones. I’m delighted with the news.

I think though that the print book will remain my favourite version. When I received my first copy of it in the post from Walker Books there was something really thrilling about holding the actual book in my hands. I cannot imagine that I would have felt the same thrill downloading it onto my iPad.

The eBook is available at the moment through Amazon UK and Amazon US

4 responses to “The Butterfly Heart now available as an eBook

  1. Awesome! It’s great to work in all formats to allow everyone to read it in the way they like best. I am a paper book lover myself, but I can see the benefits of ebooks too. Way to go, Paula!

  2. That’s what I thought! And I have downloaded it myself just so I can see what it looks like….eBooks are great and I use them, but I still love going into a bookshop and choosing a book, and don;t think that will change.

  3. Well done, that girl. Inspiration to us all

  4. Thanks John! Appreciate it.
    I just clicked on your name – interesting tagline you have:
    ‘I’ve lived 82 interesting years. Maybe I’ve learned something. I write of things I know which are not commonly accepted wisdom.’

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