Habitat for Humanity and Zambian Skies

I came across a blog yesterday that linked Ireland and Zambia (here it is). Ciaran Kelly who writes the blog is going to Chipulukusu in Ndola. There he and other members of Habitat for Humanity will build five houses. The project operates similarly to the Niall Mellon Trust in that the volunteers have to raise the money themselves, so Ciaran’s aim is €3000. He has almost reached his goal.

As he says himself  about Habitat for Humanity: ‘They have been building worldwide since 1976, and their motto is to ‘Give a hand up – not a hand out’.

They have built more than 500,000 houses in almost 100 countries, housing more than 2 million people. In 2011 Habitat for Humanity Ireland sent 251 volunteers overseas, on various projects in different communities.’

That’s great to read about, 251 people from Ireland, in the middle of a deepening recession, taking time out to help others in a very real and practical way.

So, Good Luck Ciaran and all the other volunteers! You are going to a great country; enjoy the work, the people and your beautiful surroundings.

I found this picture below taken by a student from Ohio who was visiting Zambia. He could not get over the Zambian skies. Zambian Tourism describes the skies quite rightly as ‘big, big skies.’ And it is true. Nothing quite like it.

2 responses to “Habitat for Humanity and Zambian Skies

  1. It’s true, Ireland’s helping hand has been visible in Zambia as far back as the colonial days. One area in which Ireland has been helpful is education; one of the first secondary scchools that produced Zambia’s future leaders is Chikuni Secondary Scchool and Irish priests played a major role in developing and running this institution. In later years the Irish were also prominent at the University of Zambia where one of them even served as Deputy Vice-Chancellor. Zambia appreciates and we cannot forget.

  2. I had not realised that Vukani – I do know they spread themselves around the world and that the focus of a lot of the religious orders was on education, so it’s very interesting to hear about Chikuni Secondary School.

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