Children’s Books Ireland Book of the Year Awards Shortlist

I was delighted to learn today that my book The Butterfly Heart is one of nine books on the CBI Book of the Year Award Shortlist! Very exciting.

I am in illustrious company – Siobhán Parkinson, Roddy Doyle, Mark O’Sullivan, Celine Kiernan, Catríona Hastings, Andrew Whitson, Oliver Jeffers and Derek Keilty.

The Judges comment on my own book was :

Told from the perspective of an adult and a child, this work of magical-realism sensitively incorporates folktales and legends from Zambia into its treatment of dark and difficult issues from Africa’s past and present.

Thanks to the Judges for considering me for the shortlist, I feel honoured to be on it.

You can see the article from CBI here

2 responses to “Children’s Books Ireland Book of the Year Awards Shortlist

  1. Congratulations, Paula!! You deserve the nomination, your book is amazing and wonderful!!!!! Colleen 🙂

  2. Thanks Colleen! You’re too kind…. but I’ll accept it today as I am delighted about making the list.

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