Ms. Mackey’s Fifth Class and €1,000 !

Yesterday I received this letter from Ms. Orla Mackey’s class at St. John’s in Kilkenny (Orla of Teaching Notes fame..!)  They gave me permission to reproduce it.

Today I visited the school to show them the trophy and collect the wonderful cardboard paintings they did, and then I visited all the classes which was great.  Thank you St. John’s for all your effort on the book.

Dear Paula,

We all had our fingers crossed for you.  We couldn’t wait to hear the results of the Bisto Book Awards.  We had the CBI webpage open all day expecting to see your name.  We are delighted that you won a trophy and 1,000e.  We spent some time dreaming about what we might do with that money if we were lucky enough to win it.  Here are a few suggestions as to how you might invest your winnings – Niall says you should buy a chocolate river, Lucy suggests buying all the Oreos you can afford, Szymon thinks you should consider opening a sweet shop, Krystian would buy lots of astronomy books if he were you, Jamie would buy pens and paper, Conor would buy soccer balls and a Liverpool kit, Liam would buy a monster truck, Ben would go to Euro 2012, Kate Marie would buy a ticket to the Olympics, Joanna would buy a house in Dunmore East, Gavin would go on holidays to Italy, Alicia would have her garden landscaped, Aaron would buy a laptop, Jody would buy a horse, Jordan would take a trip to America, Rebecca would help poor people in Africa, Jennifer would go on a trip around the world, Denise would save it for a rainy day, Success would buy a chocolate cake making machine, Maríosa would buy her own computer, Cillian would buy a chocolate factory, Shane would buy lots of dogs, Zoe would go on holidays, Hamedah would buy art materials.

We hope you have fun with your prize money and we all agree that you should be very proud of the award.  We know that you are coming to collect the cardboard paintings we made of ‘The Butterfly Heart’ characters and we would love if you brought along your trophy so that we might see it.  We know that you are very busy, so whenever you get time is fine with us.


Ms Mackey’s 5th Class

Me, the Eilis Dillon Trophy and Ms. Mackey’s Fifth Class – photographer: Ms. Mackey

5 responses to “Ms. Mackey’s Fifth Class and €1,000 !

  1. A chocolate river? Mmmm! I like that!

  2. My in-depth analysis indicates that tastes have not changed. Chocolate is the winner. I worry about Krystian – a future emigrant to Europa? Or an alien trying to find his way home? I bet he stocks up on chocolate for the journey.

  3. I’m sure he will! They are a great class with a great teacher – in fact you can make that plural. As one of the pupils said to me yesterday, ‘St. John’s is a kind school.’

  4. I have never heard that before nor do I remember it. St. John’s are so lucky.

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