Dubray Books Kilkenny

I have written and spoken before on the number of great bookshops we are privileged to have in Kilkenny – The Book Centre, Stonehouse Books, Dubray Books and Khan’s. More recently Easons have opened a small branch as well.

Imagine living in a city with a population of around 24,000 and being surrounded by that many wonderful bookshops? Each one of them staffed by people who are enthusiastic, helpful and incredibly supportive of both readers and writers.

One of them, Dubray Books, is hosting an evening tomorrow night (17th August) celebrating local talent as part of Arts Week here in Kilkenny. Both Tom O’Neill  and myself will be there.  Looking forward to it. Excuse the bad photo!

Dubray Books Window Display

3 responses to “Dubray Books Kilkenny

  1. Awesome! Have fun tonight!

  2. A celebrity in the making, a celebrity made. Great!

  3. Thanks Colleen and Vukani – was an enjoyable night and nice to meet the other author as well – Kilkenny has such a variety of them, almost every genre was represented there!

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