Libraries in Zambia

Have just posted in the Reviews section a review that was sent on to me by the Lubuto Library Project , written by a volunteer who was working with the library in Lusaka. It brings to mind a library I have written about a few times on the blog, the Nkhanga Village Library. It was officially opened on December 8th 2012 and it now has 3,798 books with a capacity for many more.

Nkhanga Village Library

Congratulations to Prof. Mwizenge Tembo and all of those who worked to make this dream a reality. I am sure that many hours of pleasure and learning will be had under its roof.

More details on Prof. Tembo’s website and in Rainbow News

6 responses to “Libraries in Zambia

  1. I was just raving about your book to some friends earlier, Paula. When is book 2 coming out again? Great post about the libraries. So encouraging!

  2. Thanks Colleen, you’re very good! The Sleeping Baobab Tree will be out in May hopefully ..

  3. The Nkanga Village Library is a demonstrated and practical wqy to pay back to our loving and caring communities that are our origins.

  4. Ellison Msimuko (DipAgric. B.Agric. MPhiL)

    Having a libray at your own village. Not only that but your own Primary School. unfortunately, I was at place late November,2012 all the way from Australia and miss the official opening. Masuzyo

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