The Sleeping Baobab Tree

The sequel to The Butterfly Heart, The Sleeping Baobab Tree, is slowly becoming a reality – link to it now up on Amazon and release date is May 2nd.

Been a long writing journey but I hope the end result is a good one, I’m looking forward to holding it in my hands. While I do read eBooks I am pleased this is not the only format available – I remember the day I received my first copy of The Butterfly Heart from Walker Books and the excitement I felt holding it in my hands and turning the pages. I cannot imagine I would ever get the same thrill from opening a Kindle file…..

6 responses to “The Sleeping Baobab Tree

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Paula. I am excited for you, but not as excited as you the creater. I know it has been long coming and laid a heavy load on you. The load has been lifted and you can breathe a fresh sigh of achievement. As an expextator, I have also been waiting like the old Nakulu crouched in her hut; WAITING. But now it’s all over, mwagwila nchito (You’ve completed the task.

    CONGRATULATIONS, may we expect more?

  2. Paula, you have done it again! My ESL vocabulary isn’t wide enough to give the tools to congratulate and thenk you for your achevement. All I can say is congratulations and you understand I mean much more.


  3. Thank you so much Vukani and as soon as it is out I will send one over for you… as for whether there is more, I certainly hope so. As I hope there is from you!

  4. Beautiful cover! I can’t wait to read more about Zambia and our young friends! xo

  5. Great news Paula – looking forward to reading it!

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