The Sleeping Baobab Tree

So, here it is – not launched yet but a pre copy. I love it!

Release date 2nd May.

The Sleeping Baobab Tree April 2

And here, with its older sibling!


4 responses to “The Sleeping Baobab Tree

  1. Indeed the big tree is almost here, great. My wall cloack is ticking, I will close my eyes until the D/D and open them on the beautiful work of art. Congratulations, you have done it again and done Zambia proud.

    • You’re very kind Vukani – it is exciting to finally hold it in my hands and I am longing to know what you think of the final product once you get it as you have seen it at different stages of its journey.

  2. I am so excited!! I can hardly wait for it to be out so I can buy it and read it!!

  3. Thanks Colleen! Feels like we’re almost there now.

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