The lovely Walker Books

Here’s a lucky thing about living in Ireland (one of many). We have a postal service, An Post, that is reliable, friendly, efficient and fast. You post something to anywhere in the country and by the next day it’s there. Brilliant.

And today was a Good Post Day! I received my author’s copies of The Sleeping Baobab Tree – how exciting is that? A lovely pile of books. Thank you Walker Books, over and over again.  I feel privileged to have had my first two books published by you.

pile of books

A Storytelling of Books

I suppose the collective noun for books would depend on context – so I have decided to borrow the collective noun for ravens for the purposes of this picture: A storytelling of Books. Seems appropriate.

4 responses to “The lovely Walker Books

  1. Happy days, Paula. Best wishes. But the collective noun for ravens? A conspiracy, I think. Hurray. John

  2. Fantastic! Woop woop!!! Can’t wait to read it!! Colleen 🙂

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