Make Me Care – Clues to a great story

SCBWI (The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) is a great organisation. There is a chapter of it here in Ireland and similar ones all over the world. It was founded in LA in 1971 by a group of children’s writers and has gone from strength to strength since then.

One of its services to writers is a magazine they bring out every two months, the SCBWI Bulletin – and without fail it is jam packed full of useful information, opinion pieces and reviews. It is an invaluable resource.

This month one of the articles is entitled TED Talks that May Change the Way You Work, Think and Live. For those who don;t know TED go and take a look – It’s tagline is: Riveting talks by remarkable people – free to the world! And so it is.

One of the talks mentioned in the SCBWI article is by Andrew Stanton – The Clues to a Great Story. Definitely worth a look. He makes many valuable points in his talk but one of them stands out. To quote – ‘When you’re telling a story, make me care. Please. Emotionally, intellectually, aesthetically. Make me care.’

How true is that? Of any story in any genre any format and for any age. Perfectly true.

Anyway, will not transcribe the whole talk but worth a look and a listen. Lots to be learned.

Many other links recommended to TED talks in the article – including those on the Power of Introverts, Ken Robinson on Education, Jill Taylor on accessing the creative, bliss filled part of our brain and Elizabeth Gilbert on Your Elusive Creative Genius. .

And all for free!

An SCBWI illustrator Elena Ospina

An SCBWI illustrator Elena Ospina

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