Don’t talk about writing. WRITE!

Previously I wrote a post on the how to books of writing in which I focussed on Elmore Leonard’s Ten Rules of Writing.

Today it’s Ray Bradbury.

Mainly because I am trying to give myself his advice: ‘Don’t talk about writing. WRITE!’

I need that advice because when I get an initial idea I talk about it, as it develops I talk about it and then I talk some more. By the time I’ve finished the book has almost been written (in my head) and I am (almost) bored by it.

So, from here on, I will take his advice as my Rule Number 1.

Perhaps Rule Number 2 should be: Read intensely. Write every day. Then see what happens. Most writers who do that have very pleasant careers. (courtesy Ray Bradbury as well)

It is easy to let the rest of your life get in the way – and mostly there is no reason why it shouldn’t as long as there is always a space in your day, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, to fit in some writing. It is not impossible.

I will leave Rule Number 3 for the meantime – I reckon these tow are enough to be getting along with and I need to get to them instead of writing this post!

3 responses to “Don’t talk about writing. WRITE!

  1. I love Ray Bradbury’s work and saw a funny interview of him on YouTube but he pretty much says what’s in his book (have to get a copy to read). Ceej 🙂

  2. It’s a good one Colleen – and am planning to Michelle! Hopefully both of you too…

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