Welcome in our class, our school and our universe

This warmed my heart today – the plays referred to in the letter are plays the class (a combined 4th and 5th Class) put on, each group taking a different section of the book. They were absolutely brilliant.


Dear Paula,

We FINISHED reading ‘The Sleeping Baobab Tree’ today.  In the words of Leah Anderson (5th Class) we have mixed emotions.  Every school day is going to be different from now on.  Reading ‘The Sleeping Baobab Tree’ was our favourite part of the day (we had a vote and it was unanimous!).  We are sorry that that has come to an end.  We are happy that all of the characters are safe at the end of the book.  We had ANOTHER vote and it was decided that Nokokulu is our favourite character.  We were surprised by how kind she actually is.  Naoise (4th class) thought that it would have been a good idea to include a chapter from THE MAN BEAST’S point of view.  We laughed out loud at lots of things especially things that Fred imagined and things that Nokokulu did.  We were all afraid at different points during the story.  We begged Ms Mackey to read extra chapters every day.  Sometimes she would and sometimes she wouldn’t….GRRRRRRRRR!

Thank you very much for coming to see our plays.  We hope you liked them.  We liked having you here and we liked the Maltesers!  We will always remember the special time we had reading your stories.  We wish that you had another book ready for us to read straight away.  Ms Mackey read us the story of Scabby and we loved it.

You are always welcome in our class, our school and our universe (Chelsea),

Ms Mackey’s 4th/5th Class


Some snakes made by the class when they were reading my first book, The Butterfly Heart

Some snakes made by the class when they were reading my first book, The Butterfly Heart

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