Grattan and Me

Just over a week ago Grattan and Me by Tom O’Neill was published and launched by Dalkey Archive Press.  OK, so Tom O’Neill, besides being an author and a million other things, seemingly all at the same time, is my husband. I could be accused of bias. But, bias or not, this is a brilliant book. Tom has written for a long time, he is one of those writers who needs to write. He needs no deadlines, no commissions, no encouragement. He just gets up in the mornings and writes before he starts the rest of his day.

Grattan and Me, the book that followed his previous books for young adults, is a hard one to describe in short form – luckily, Rob Doyle found the words and described it ‘freewheeling, jokey, metafictional romp that fizzes with imagination at play,’and it would be hard to beat that. So I won’t try. But (and here comes the shameless promotion bit) it is available in all good bookshops (!) and online.

Tom was given a spot in the Irish Times to talk about the book and where it came from. That article can be found here.



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