Launching Keepsake

This week sees the launch of my new book Keepsake, published by the lovely Little Island crew!.  It will be launched in Stonehouse Books, courtesy of bookseller extraordinaire Liz Walsh, on Thursday 25th May at 7.00 pm.

It is hard to describe your own book (at least I think it is), but I will try.

It is a tale set in Ireland (in a fictional town called Carrigcapall) and concerns a boy and his horse and a girl and her granny. There are other characters (both human and four legged) who wander in and out of the story – but these four matter most. Three of the characters love horses and that’s a pretty lucky turn of events for Storm, the horse, whose life is in danger.

As I work from character maybe I will leave the description at that for the meantime. Mary Esther Judy, children’s bookseller at Charlie Byrnes Bookshop in Galway, was the first person to review the book in her brilliant blog Fallen Star Stories  and you can find it here.

I have been lucky enough to have a primary school down the road from me reading the book pre publication – St John’s Senior in Kilkenny. They selected the book as their One School, One Book project and have been doing mighty work on it for the past few weeks. One of the teachers at the school, the inimitable Orla Mackey, prepared a Keepsake workbook for the students with all sorts of wondrous and creative ideas in it. These notes will be available on the Little Island website as well as on Seomra Ranga, and I will put up a link to both on my own website.

Here is some of their work!

Artwork 3Art Work St Johns 1Art work 2

2 responses to “Launching Keepsake

  1. I agree entirely – it is very hard to describe one’s own book but very necessary to be able to do that wretched elevator pitch – I am doing a brief free screenwriting workshop on Future Learn
    They suggest using a 5 finger pitch – this is brilliant because you can tick off the points on your fingers as you speak – of course you can adapt it too –
    so little finger is Genre –
    ring finger is protagonist
    middle finger – quest –
    pointer is problem/danger
    and thumb is resolution
    neat and easy and essential.
    Good luck with your book launch!

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