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I have a wonderful agent called Sophie Hicks, and this year she has established her own agency called Sophie Hicks Agency. You can also find her on Twitter at @SophieHicksAg 


My publishers for The Butterfly Heart as well as for The Sleeping Baobab Tree are Walker Books, also in London. They have for over thirty years been producing aastonishing books for children and young adults and I am delighted they chose to publish two of mine.

walker books logo

You can contact me directly at paula(dot)leyden(AT) (apologies for the DOT and AT but it is to try and cut down on spammers…)


6 responses to “Contact Details

  1. Wow Paula, I really love your description of Zambia as a butterfly, beautiful but fragile. I have always just seen it as histories joke on those of us who, as students, had to draw the map.Shows how much imagination I have! I am definitely adopting your description, far more poetic. I look forward to reading the book. Good lucK with it all.

  2. Hi Paula, Congrats on getting on the CBI book awards shortlist. You totally deserve it for your beautiful book…mind you I’m dead jealous! I hope you win it. All the best, John Newman

  3. Thank you John, you’re very good and I am perfectly thrilled by it. Sorry you are not there with Tao!

  4. My 12 year old daughter is very keen on the characters in The Sleeping Baobab Tree and the butterfly heart, and would love to read another book in the series…She is rereading the two that there are to go on with…(are we hinting too hard?)

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