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How extraordinary are these gazelles? They are called Gerenuks which means Giraffe Necked in Somali (in Swahili they are known as Swala Twiga – which means Gazelle Giraffes). They are found in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Somalia and Northern Kenya.

Apparently they have an extra vertebrae in their backs which enables them to stand up on their hind legs to reach leaves as high as 6 to 8 feet up. Very well adapted to their environment they get all the moisture they need from the food they eat. They tend not to graze but seek out leaves and buds.

They also make a variety of noises which include whistling, buzzing and bleating!

I  saw a picture of one in Africa Geographic (beautiful magazine) and then looked them up Рhence this post.

A Gerenuk (image from Game-Reserve.com)

Gerenuks eating (image from Bank Barn Travel)