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One Book Project – Kilkenny City Vocational and Grennan College

Really looking forward to working with the students at Grennan College in Thomastown and Kilkenny City Vocational School on a One Book Project with The Sleeping Baobab Tree.

I will be working with the English Teachers and students as they do what will hopefully be lots of fun, cross curricular projects around the ideas thrown up by the book.

Last year I spent many satisfying hours working with a Second Year group in Kilkenny VEC on creative writing and was impressed with the work being done at the school – and especially impressed with the work done by the students in my group.

As I understand it a One Book Project allows students to view a work of fiction through the various prisms of their subjects – already I can visualise possibilities in Biology, Geography, English, History, Art, CSPE, music perhaps and Maths … I hope so. Should be lots of fun and I am looking forward to my part in it all.

Here’s a picture of a Baobab tree, apropos of nothing other than the book’s title and it is my favourite tree.. and the wide blue sky.

Baobab 3