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Nicci French at the West Cork Literary Festival

One of the other events I attended during the West Cork Literary festival was a talk by Nicci Gerard and Sean French who together are the crime/thriller/mystery writer Nicci French.

It was fascinating to learn how they do what they do – and how Nicci French is almost a third person in their writing relationship. Their writing process involves a lot of trust in each other – one of them writes a chapter then emails it on to the other. The other has free rein to do with their work what they will – and then proceeds to write the second chapter. And so it goes on.

You would be hard put to identify which person has written which chapter – probably because they have both become so used to writing as Nicci French, rather than as themselves. Each one of them continues to write independently.

They must have enjoyed thinking up the title of this particular book!

Noo Saro Wiwa Looking for Transwonderland

I was privileged to sit in on Noo Saro Wiwa’s session at the West Cork Literary Festival last week. She was there to speak about her book Looking for Transwonderland Travels in Nigeria.

I can only imagine that every person who listened to her not only went out to buy her book, but experienced the same urge my daughter did once the talk had finished. Her exact words, ‘I’d love to go to Nigeria.’

Noo spoke of the Ministry of Fire and Miracles in Prayer City, of how she was still unable to find the words to describe Lagos, of Sugar Mummys and of her unwillingness to admit to her extended family that she no longer attended church. She spoke of her father, Ken Saro Wiwa, a man admired way beyond the borders of his home country.  She spoke of her growing love of the country that she had in many ways distanced herself from. I could have sat and listened to her way beyond the allocated hour, and am longing to read the book once my daughter has finished it!

Next post will be on Nicci French, I was delighted to be able to attend their session late on Friday night…

Noo Saro Wiwa (courtesy Granta Books)

West Cork Literary Festival 2012

I was privileged this year to be invited down to participate in the West Cork Literary Festival in Bantry, and today and yesterday I gave workshops to a group of children aged 5-7 (well, in the end, more like 4 – 10!) which was certainly a challenge. But a good one.

It is a beautiful part of the country and a great festival – a big thankyou to Denyse Woods for inviting me (and to Sue Leonard for recommending me!)  I enjoyed working with children younger than those I am used to and it has resulted in a rhyming story that I wrote for the group. Unpolished but still a story!

Will post more about the different events, but in the meantime here’s a picture of  Cape Clear island.

Cape Clear