Teaching Notes

New Teaching Notes courtesy of Orla Mackey – Now available on Seomra Ranga

I have full sets of teaching notes for both books, The Butterfly Heart and The Sleeping Baobab Tree. Both of these are available through Seomra Ranga, or you can email me on thebutterflyheart@gmail.com and I will send the notes back to you. I have some printed copies for those who prefer to work from paper.

Orla Mackey, who is a 5th Class Teacher at St. John’s School in Kilkenny, read The Butterfly Heart with her class over a six week period in both 2012 and 2013. The notes she used are the ones she has allowed me to make available to other teachers. This was part of a project that St. John’s  call The One Book Project – great initiative.

The notes are enormously useful and I am very grateful to Orla for making them available.

If teachers would like a copy of the teaching notes please go onto the Seomra Ranga website where they are available now for download. Or you can email me for the set.

A huge thank you to Orla and to St. John’s for all the work put in!


5 responses to “Teaching Notes

  1. Hi Paula,
    Julia gave me your your book to read. I’m the librarian at Somerset College Preparatory. A great read! I try and read at least one book with “meaning” to my grades every year and I’m going to read this to my Grade 6s. I thought the story was very authentic and very respectful to the people of Zambia. Thank you for a great book. I would so appreciate your sending me your teaching notes. While I enjoy making my own, I would like a peek at yours. My email is dianne@somcol.co.za. Warm regards, Dianne de Villiers

  2. Michelle Moloney

    WOW! I love that there are note available for this book. The project sounds like a great idea.

    Beir bua
    Muinteoir Michelle

    • Thanks Michelle, yup I was very lucky that the book was taught so well and that the teacher, Orla Mackey, was so generous with her notes. I went onto your site, brilliant. Such a wealth of information on it for readers, writers and teachers alike! I see you wrote a post on the CBI conference – are you going there this year?

  3. Gosh, thank you so much. I really appreciate the generous compliment.

    I will be talking at a conference on the first day of the childrens books conference but will be there on the Sunday.

    Are you going to the Cork SCBWI meet up on June 16? I am, I’m not published but am mad to learn more!

    Was telling the staff room about your book and the lesson plans today. They love the sound of it!

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